Platform 4 Group – Mobile Security Patrols and Alarm Response Services

Mobile Security Patrols

Your premises may attract the attention of offenders, including thieves, taggers and other people who engage in crime and anti-social behaviour. Our mobile security patrol officers are trained to be vigilant.

Once your premises is secure, you have reduced the likelihood that offenders will target your property. However, determined offenders may have an interest in targeting you, so regular mobile security patrols are important.

After our mobile security patrol officer has completed their initial check of your building (known as a bed down), they will make further visits during the night or after hours to provide a further deterrent.

Mobile security patrol checks are an excellent deterrent to all offenders from thieves, vandals, taggers and arsonists because a patrolled site or property ensures that a security guard could turn up at any time.

Platform 4 security patrols regularly find suspicious vehicles and people near a client’s premises and are experienced in managing offenders.

Rapid Response

Platform 4 Group’s mobile security patrol will respond to alarm activations as a priority. When an activation signal is received at the alarm monitoring centre, it is sent immediately by a secure text dispatching system to the nearest mobile security officer who will respond to your site without delay.

Upon arrival, they will check for signs of any suspicious vehicles or persons in the area, and will then check your site for any signs of forced or attempted entry. Every attempt will be made to catch and detain any offenders found on site, with police being called immediately for assistance.