Monitoring is done through a central monitoring station which is a facility that receives signals from your alarm system. This means help is only a phone call away! Your home or business is monitored electronically 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If a burglary, fire, or duress alarms activates TRITON see to it that every step is taken to preserve your well being and to safeguard the integrity of your property.

When an monitored alarm system is installed into your property and it reacts to an emergency condition The main control panel inside your alarm sends data signals down the phone line to the monitoring station. This data includes your personal account number and all the functions that are being monitored. At the time of an alarm activation, the control panel dials out over the existing phone line and sends encoded signals to the monitoring station where they are immediately acted upon. Once the central monitoring station receives these signals they follow the specific procedures and instructions that have been set up at the time of installation.

Control Panels are the “brains” of the security system. The control panel is located in a metal box to protect the electronics and is often hidden from sight (e.g. in the roof). The control panel is connected to every aspect of the alarm system and provides power and phone connections for monitoring. The control panel has a battery back-up attached to it in case of a power failure, this battery usually lasts between 24 and 48 hours.

Security Keypads are usually placed near a door to let you operate your system. The keypad informs you of the status of the system (e.g. armed, disarmed, etc.).

Motion Detectors or Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor technology provides one of the most reliable and cost effective methods for protecting spaces in you home or office. PIR detectors trip an alarm by sensing changes in infrared energy levels caused when an intruder moves about the protected area.

Sirens (Interior and Exterior) encourage the early departure of any intruder by sounding an alarm. Exterior sirens are normally mounted in a steel box and located under the eaves outside. A strobe light is attached to the steel box. During an alarm the pulsating light attracts attention to the alarm.

Yes, if the alarm system is initially set up with pet friendly detectors. These detectors still detect movement from burglars but do not detect animals under a certain weight. Pet friendly detectors are typically more expensive than normal motion detectors but if you have animals it allows them to roam free throughout the premises.

Otherwise, if you have animals you must make sure that all pets are relegated to a portion of premises that have no motion detectors or the areas that pets roam freely must be “bypassed” out of the alarm system before it is armed.

The monitoring station has alarm receiving equipment and state-of-the-art Automated Alarm Monitoring Computers. These devises acknowledge and identify all alarm codes as soon as they come into the control room. Within seconds the Automated Alarm Monitoring Computers interpret all received alarm codes. This data is instantly translated by the computers into:

  • The time and date the alarm is received
  • The account number of the client
  • The name of the client
  • The location of the property
  • The type of alarm code
  • The names and telephone numbers of the emergency responding agencies
  • The names of the Key Holders, directions and any special comments

As soon as the monitoring station receives an emergency signal , the Security Dispatcher, Specially trained to handle such emergencies, proceeds as follows:

  • Your premises is called if applicable
  • TRITON patrols are contacted to attend the premises or follow defined instructions set by the customer.
  • TRITON will make sure your premises are secure before departing

First, refer to your Alarm System Owners Manual and see if the problem you are having Is described there. If you see a solution to the problem in the manual, please call the monitoring station before trying to correct it, just in case your corrective measures trip the alarm system by mistake. If you cannot get the problem resolved please call the monitoring station who will organise a technician to call you.

Yes, all systems can be changed from unmonitored to a monitored system very simply. TRITON Security does not charge for this change-over as long as you stay monitored for a period of 24 months.