Alarm Systems

TRITON Security Services Ltd, its owners residents of Christchurch, are a well established Christchurch security systems company. We provide home security systems, commercial security systems, and even industrial security services.

TRITON will advise which security system suits your needs by deciding with you the important issues such as the level of security, ease of use, expansion considerations and of course the cost.

Key Operatives

  • Professional locally operated TRITON Alarm Monitoring & Alarm Services.
  • Consolidated security alarm services, monitoring, response & alarm servicing.
  • FULL individual USER activity reported + alarm verification for Police notification.
  • Full system back-up / servicing / support and Central Radio communications centre.

Security Alarms

Triton Alarm Systems

The alarm systems we recommend will incorporate new passive infrared technology using multiple detection patterns to prevent false alarms.

The detectors will provide individual reporting of the area activated and will signal this to our alarm monitoring station with the event relayed to the TRITON patrol assigned to that area or depending on your response requirements to yourselves.

The arming / dis-arming of the security system will be via a keypad with each user being electronically logged at our monitoring station.

The activation of the alarm system will signal to our monitoring station and also initiate the sirens fitted to encourage an immediate departure from the site.

Triton Alarm Servicing

When precision security systems are engineered to protect life and property, it is imperative they are regularly tested and serviced to maintain optimum performance.

As security concerns are of a personal and confidential nature, our experienced service companies will forge a close one-on-one relationship with clients to ensure that all potential security risks are adequately covered.

Contact our friendly team for:

Security Alarm Systems, Burglar / Fire Alarm Monitoring, CCTV Monitoring, Remote Access to alarm control, Remote Access to alarm logs / activity, Patrol Services. Alarm Response Services