To the services of Triton Security

The industry leading Triton Security brand incorporates both Triton Security Services Ltd (Alarm Monitoring) and Triton Patrols (2008) Ltd (Patrol Services).

These services are provided for a wide range of business sectors, including factories, warehouses, retail businesses, crime scenes, transport companies, clubs, schools, shopping malls, construction sites and car dealers.

Why choose TRITON as your preferred monitoring service provider?

  • Professionally operated & manned 24/7 TRITON Alarm Monitoring Services
  • Friendly team of well trained kiwi professionals
  • Market leader in service delivery and quality
  • Full disaster recovery & fail-over back-up systems in place for our
    Central Station power supply, ADSL & wireless communication
  • Leading security procedures and safety operatives
  • Full back-up / support and Central Radio communications centre
  • Established since 1995

Alarm Activation Response – in less than 30 seconds


The sound of a burglar alarm is often ignored – in fact very much frowned upon because of it’s irritation and noise pollution. When an alarm sounds without the prospect of a response, this can and has alerted burglars to the vulnerability of the property.

Furthermore, should the in-bound burglar re-activate the alarm there is a good chance that we will all ignore it – but not TRITON.

The fundamental initiatives to the systems of TRITON security is to provide:

  • Protection of your personnel from attack
  • Protection to your property from un-authorised entry
  • Protection of your capital and assets from vandalism & theft


Triton Patrols


Insecure premises are an open invitation to burglars, so every business should have at least one TRITON security patrol to ensure that your site is secure after staff have left for the day.

When carrying out building security checks, TRITON security guards regularly find:

  • Doors that are open or unlocked
  • Windows open
  • Alarms not set
  • Lights left switched on
  • Machinery and equipment left switched on
  • Heaters left switched on
  • Vehicles left unlocked and even with the keys still in the ignition

Data Vault

Victim Support